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Studio BatesPhillips

drp archaeology is thrilled to work with Studio BatesPhillips, an international architecture studio motivated by challenge, with the ability to shape any vision and inspiration into a unique and original work of art. Established in 2017 in Berlin, BatesPhillips’ is built from a dynamic and solid team of innovative individuals who are naturally driven to think creatively while maintaining high professional values in all their projects.

As a unique architecture studio, BatesPhillips’ are interested in research, teaching and making, and thrive off pushing the threshold and flexing boundaries of originality into new realms. They encourage and enjoy working with new ideas and concepts, while also understanding the pressures of the building industry. 

The practice has several small-scale projects in progress in London and Berlin and in 2017 collaborated with Michael Beutler at the 57th Venice Art Biennale.  They teach at Kingston School of Art, London, UK and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen, DK.

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